To All Students!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

As a student at the University of Toronto, your opinion matters. While the town hall meetings with the Dean are over, there are still plenty of opportunities to have your voice heard. Right now the plan’s progress is at a standstill as we wait to see the outcome of the grievance filed by the University of Toronto Faculty Association. However, the Faculty of Arts & Science Council will be meeting soon to discuss this matter, and as they have the deciding vote on the Dean’s academic plan, we need to make sure our issues with the plan are widely known and recognised.

Therefore we highly encourage you to talk to people about your issues with the Dean’s Academic Plan. Whether they’re your registrar, your professors, the dean or principal of your college, or your friends and family, we need to get the word out so people know why it is we’re opposing the plan!

A lot of the rhetoric coming from the administration is claiming that students do not understand what the proposal will mean for us, because they claim it is only the faculty that will be affected and not students. They’re wrong! Here’s why.

Check out the rest of the pages on this site too for more information on how this plan will affect us as students. And then book an appointment with your college registrar or principal and let them know why you have issues with the plan! At this state in the process, we need to make sure that everyone who has voting power on this proposal, or who knows someone with voting power, understands what our issues are with the Dean’s plan.

Thanks everyone!


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