Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi all!

We had a great info session on Tuesday with an amazing turnout – thanks to everyone who came!

Thurs the 23rd is the first of two town hall meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, and we hope to see you all there! It will be at 4pm in the OISE Auditorium, however if you have time beforehand we encourage you to come out to Sidney Smith at 2pm to help us make banners with UTSU, and then meet us at 3pm for our official planning meeting before we head over to the town hall. We are going to all be wearing RED AND BLACK so please come out in those colours so we can show a unified front!

If you are an undergraduate student, EASSU has prepared a statement (with questions) for undergrads to read as representatives of the student union. We will be handing out copies tomorrow before the meeting.

If you can’t come out tomorrow, there is also a town hall meeting at 4pm next Monday at the same location.

To summarize:

2pm –> Outside Sidney Smith, making banners with UTSU.
3pm –> Outside Sidney Smith, meeting as EAS members (just look for those of us wearing red and black, with signs!)

See you tomorrow, and wear red and black!

PS. The faculty has changed the FAQ page that we recently posted the rebuttal to. There’s no longer any mention of EAS! Seems like they got the message that we have valid questions to ask about their form answers.


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