Important – Town Hall Meetings!!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

As we start up the school year, the campaign to save EAS continues! The EAS undergraduate student union, EAS graduate student union, and EAS faculty will be holding a joint information session on Tuesday the 21st at 4pm, in the Purple Lounge on the 14th floor of Robarts. We highly encourage everyone to come to learn about what is happening and the consequences that the Dean’s new academic plan would have on the future of EAS at the university. Please come out to learn more, ask questions, and share your thoughts. You can find out more information here about the event here.

There will also be town hall meetings taking place with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science on Thursday Sept 23 at 4pm and Monday Sept 27 at 4pm, both in the OISE auditorium. This will be a great opportunity for students and all those affected to have their voices heard! It is critical that we have a large representation at these meetings. This may be one of very few opportunities for us to come together as a group to present our issues with the EAS department’s inclusion in the School of Language and Literatures to the Dean, so please come out and support the campaign!


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