Coverage in the Ming Pao

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Ming Pao (明報) has just published a story on the proposed disestablishment of the East Asian Studies Department.

You can access the article (多大擬砍東亞研究系逾900師生簽名反對 文理學院面對6000萬財赤困擾) here.

For a google translation of the article, click here.

  1. alice wong says:

    U of T should think carefully before closing East Asia Studies as it will affect to the students who are now in the programme.

    Students want to gradulate instead of school creates the problems to them and also there is a big stress for the parents too as we need to pay their school fees and we are worrying whether my son or daughter can be gradulate because under this kind of unacceptable changes.

    If there is a huge deficit in the university, university should not only cut east asia studies programme. Dean should think some other solutions for saving the money from the other programmes too.

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